Cannabis Testing Services

Pinnacle CT is dedicated to ensuring a safe supply for medical cannabis patients in the state of Maryland. Our testing protocols employ the most advanced technology available, giving our reports a level of accuracy and specificity unsurpassed in the industry. The information obtained by our rigorous, sensitive analyses can empower producers to feel confident about their products. More importantly, patients and prescribers can be assured of safe and effective treatments when using Pinnacle-analyzed products.

Pinnacle CT is dedicated to safety and reliability; our facility is regularly inspected by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission for strict adherence to ISO international laboratory standards. Pinnacle performs all safety tests required by the MMCC, as well as implementing customized testing profiles to identify and differentiate the medicinal effects of specialized strains and concentrates. With accelerated sample-processing protocols and highly competitive pricing, we can help bring your products to market safely, efficiently, and economically.

See the table below for information on the specific tests required by the MMCC for different cannabis preparations.

 Usable CannabisMedical Cannabis Concentrate
Medical Cannabis Concentrate
(solvent based) made with CO2 Extractor
Medical Cannabis Concentrate (solvent based)Medical Cannabis-Infused ProductDilutions of Medical Cannabis Product
Moisture Content
Potency Analysis
Terpene Analysis
Foreign Matter Inspection
Microbial Screen
Mycotoxin Screen
Water Activity
Heavy Metal Screen
Residual Solvent Test
Pesticide Residue Analysis
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