1. Where can patients in Maryland obtain legal medical cannabis?

    ​“A Maryland patient can only obtain legal medical cannabis from Maryland-licensed dispensaries. The dispensaries can only obtain their cannabis from Maryland-licensed growers, and their extracts from Maryland-licensed processors.​”

    “Patient FAQ.” Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Mmcc.maryland.gov. Accessed April 4, 2018.

  2. For patients who don’t want to smoke cannabis, does Maryland allow edibles and other forms of medical cannabis products?

    ​“Medical cannabis will be available in forms which can be vaporized which is not smoking, or as extracts, lotions, ointments, tinctures, etc. Some extracts can be added to foods at home. Edible cannabis products will not be available from dispensaries in Maryland.”

    “Patient FAQ.” Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Mmcc.maryland.gov. Accessed April 4, 2018.

  3. Will processed medical cannabis concentrates and cannabis-infused products be subject to independent laboratory testing before release?

    ​“Yes.  All products will be subject to independent laboratory testing to assure that the medicine is pure and meets the processor’s specifications. “​

    “Processor FAQ.” Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Mmcc.maryland.gov. Accessed April 4, 2018.

  4. How does Maryland recommend that growers interact with independent testing labs?

    “Growers will contract with one or more independent testing laboratories for the laboratory to test every batch of medical cannabis to assure that every batch meets approved specifications.​”

    “Grower FAQ.” Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Mmcc.maryland.gov. Accessed April 4, 2018.

  5. What kinds of medical cannabis products does Pinnacle test?

    Pinnacle CT tests usable medical cannabis, as well as medical cannabis concentrates and medical cannabis-infused products. Our laboratory performs all tests required by the state of Maryland for any approved product.

  6. Does Pinnacle have a mobile unit?

    No. Maryland requires a permanent location for independent testing laboratories’ facility, equipment, and staff to become accredited.

  7. How will my samples be transported to Pinnacle?

    Pinnacle uses an MMCC-approved secure transportation company to safely transport samples from your facility to our laboratory.

  8. How much does testing at Pinnacle cost?

    Pinnacle offers competitive pricing options, depending on the volume and type of samples being analyzed. Please email cwilliams@pinnaclectlabs.com for a quote.

  9. How do I know Pinnacle’s results are accurate?

    Pinnacle is fully accredited by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission as an Independent Testing Laboratory using ISO international laboratory standards. We regularly perform “proficiency testing”, wherein various labs compare results to ensure reproducibility. In addition, each sample is run with quality controls and “blanks”, to ensure that our instruments are functioning and calibrated properly whenever measurements are taken.

  10. How long will it take for my samples to be analyzed?

    Pinnacle strives to provide exceptional service to our customers, and this includes a convenient, quick turnaround time. Depending on volume of the samples sent for analysis, you can expect results in as few as 5 business days.

  11. How do I know if my medical cannabis products will pass your tests?

    Failure rates are minimal when established practices are followed carefully. We strongly recommend that testing be carried out early and often when attempting new methods of growing or processing; this helps that ensure that new products can quickly proceed to market. For example, growers trying new soils, new nutritional applications, and/or new pesticide regimes should test plant materials before flowering. Similarly, processors implementing new extraction/concentration methods should send samples collected at various stages during the process.

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